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On 2023-02-23 06:15, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 22, 2023, 9:26 PM Prakhar Agrawal 
> <prakhar.agrawal001 at <mailto:prakhar.agrawal001 at>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     Does the current RTEMS version support the Jetson nano board, if
>     not, do you think It will be a good project for gsoc2023? something
>     like porting RTEMS to Jetson nano or jetson AGX orin maybe?
> I'm torn whether this is a good project or not. It is quite ambitious 
> but it appears that a fair amount of the boards horsepower is tied to 
> binary blobs which likely won't work with RTEMS.
> One challenge is that much of the support will be GPL licensed which is 
> unacceptable for RTEMS.
> That said, it may be feasible since freebsd appears to support it now. I 
> have no idea what devices work under freebsd. But if you can boot 
> freebsd on it and see what works, that would be great information.
> <>
> The other side of this is how useful this will be either for RTEMS 
> users. What would a hobbyist use it for? A production team?
> Is the board too old to be worth the effort for the limited audience?

The Jetson seems to be a big familiy. The Nano is from 2019 and has some 
chip that is most likely based on a chip from 2015? The Orin Nano is 
from September 2022 with some CPU that I didn't find on a quick search.

Otherwise, I fully agree with what Joel said: Do we have some audience 
for it? They are not really cheap so hobby use is unlikely.

I haven't found any source where I could buy small numbers of blank 
chips. In my experience, that often means that the manufacturer targets 
products where they sell big numbers of chips (at least 6 digit 
numbers). For these it's usually cheaper if the manufacturer just 
assigns a field application engineer to you instead of writing good 
documentation. If the Jetson falls into that category, it's not an easy 

> Honestly I'd rather see a new BSP for a decent RISC-V board.

Decent and not too expensive RISC-V would be interesting, but I haven't 
found too much of these yet. Only expensive stuff like the Renesas 
RZ/Five evaluation board or ones that are not yet easily available like 
the Pine Ox64 that I mentioned in other GSoC discussions already. If you 
find a nice cheap RISC-V board, it would be a great project. Other 
commonly available and well documented non-RISC-V boards or simulator 
targets can be interesting projects too.

Best regards


>     Looking forward to your response.
> I'm also curious to hear what others think.
> --joel
>     Best Regards
>     Prakhar
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