Jetson Nano BSP

Prakhar Agrawal prakhar.agrawal001 at
Thu Feb 23 19:23:41 UTC 2023

I completely agree with all your points, but my rationale for introducing
the jetson nano or jetson AGX orin was because of their GPU power.

In the case of large hobby projects or maybe the initial days of a
startup(seed ones), a real-time system that can work with boards having
good GPU can do wonders.
For example, for an autonomous vehicle L2, L3 autonomy can be achieved
using a 60W Jetson AGX orin, hence if RTEMS support is added to the board,
it might help create an awesome system to handle all the critical time
constraints necessary for the vehicle and give it the ability to coordinate
a large number of concurrent activities.

One other use case I can think of is an autonomous space shuttle, which can
use AI to detect debris and space junk around it and steer itself through
them or maybe an AI-powered drone etc.

> Honestly I'd rather see a new BSP for a decent RISC-V board.

I was reading about RISC-V and their comparison with ARM SBC and in one
blog I read this - "ARM processors have benefited from a lot more research,
funding, and development than RISC-V. This means that it can be argued that
RISC-V is being left behind"

Looking forward to your opinions.

-- Prakhar
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