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On Sun, Feb 26, 2023, 3:44 PM Vihas Makwana <makvihas at> wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Vihas Makwana, and I'm a software developer.
> I came across RTEMS while reviewing the "Organizations" for GSoC 2023.
> By going through the Project Ideas [1], the following ideas caught my
> attention:
> -- Use Address Sanitizer (ASAN) with RTEMS [2]

This isn't mine so I can't commebt much.

Another GCC related project could be Rust RTEMS Support but I don't know
what that entails beyond turning it on and seeing what goes wrong. I tried
to build it last year and got far enough to decide to wait before trying

-- POSIX Compliance [3]

This is generally mine. This involves a set of missing posix functions
which can be implemented on RTEMS. The list is method is missing and
doable. It has a ticket. Porting the long double math methods from previous
to newlib is another set. Beyond that and I would have to look more
closely. Those were next on my list.

-- IMFS - Improve Bytes Per Block Handling [4]

I don't recall the details of this but I think it is small. Perhaps also
fixing the scandir issue that has a ticket against the 6.1 milestone.

> I'm more inclined towards kernel projects, as I have an experience
> with C,  Assembly and I also contribute to Linux kernel (I have been
> quiet here for some time now).

With that experience is tend to direct you toward the harder projects. Do
you plan to be able to spend enough time to take on something substantial?

I plan to go through RTEMS's internals for upcoming days.
> I have completed the steps as per [5], for GSoC and am attaching the
> screenshot for the same. I will send the patch in reply to this email.
> Looking forward to this :)

There should be a page in the wiki with a table for GSoC candidates to list
themselves. Honestly I don't know if the 2023 page has been created yet.

The run and screen shot look good.

Looking forward to helping you find a good project.  Folks are generally on
Discord if you like that


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> [5]
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> Thanks,
> Vihas
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