Interested for GSoC 2023

Vihas Makwana makvihas at
Mon Feb 27 07:26:59 UTC 2023

> Another GCC related project could be Rust RTEMS Support but I don't know
> what that entails beyond turning it on and seeing what goes wrong. I tried
> to build it last year and got far enough to decide to wait before trying
> again.

I have to look deeper into this Rust one and I'll let you know.

> -- POSIX Compliance [3]
> This is generally mine. This involves a set of missing posix functions
> which can be implemented on RTEMS. The list is method is missing and
> doable. It has a ticket. Porting the long double math methods from previous
> to newlib is another set. Beyond that and I would have to look more
> closely. Those were next on my list.

This one looks doable to me too, and as you said we can combine it with
that long double math ticket.

-- IMFS - Improve Bytes Per Block Handling [4]
> I don't recall the details of this but I think it is small. Perhaps also
> fixing the scandir issue that has a ticket against the 6.1 milestone.

Yes, this one can be combined with couple of more tickets to make it a
large project.

> With that experience is tend to direct you toward the harder projects. Do
> you plan to be able to spend enough time to take on something substantial?

Yes, I do.

There should be a page in the wiki with a table for GSoC candidates to list
> themselves. Honestly I don't know if the 2023 page has been created yet.
> The run and screen shot look good.
> Looking forward to helping you find a good project.  Folks are generally
> on Discord if you like that

Sure, I'll join the channel.
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