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recently the following tickets were added (beneath a few more related ones): - Setup Gitlab instance - Update BuildBot

It's great that a patch review system and a CI/CD that builds every 
patch for RTEMS starts to get within reach. Thanks a lot to all involved 
in that for the efforts.

I reviewed earlier discussions related to CI/CD. From my point of view 
there are mainly two points that are missing in the tickets:

First: From my point of view, we should make it simple for new users to 
register. Adding authentication using well-known services can help with 
that. GitLab supports (for example):
   - GitHub:
   - Google:
   - ...
I think it would be good to select the most common ones (at least the 
three mentioned above) and add them as a goal to the ticket or a new 
one. What do you think?

Second: It's still a bit unclear for me how the CI/CD with BuildBot will 
work. Will it be possible for anyone to help improve the CI/CD? An 
example to make it clear what I want to know: Let's assume an 
unprivileged developer has a patch set that allows building device tree 
files using the RTEMS build system, but the patches require a new tool 
like dtc. Let's further assume that the idea has been discussed and 
everyone agrees that it is a good idea (currently not yet the case for 
dtc). Problem is: The patches trigger a CI error because the new tool is 
missing and therefore can't be merged yet. How can the developer suggest 
a fix so that the patches can be accepted faster without having to wait 
for one specific maintainer to have enough time for adapting the CI config?

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