CAN driver implementation for Xilinx Zynq

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Wed Mar 1 10:14:08 UTC 2023


As part of an internship at the German Aerospace Center, I am currently working on the implementation of a CAN driver for a Xilinx Zynq SoC. For this I used the existing CAN framework /dev/can/can.h. A merge request will follow soon.

Here's what I'd like to add to the framework if it hasn't already been done:

* RxFIFO. Currently can_bus_read only stores the latest CAN message in can_bus->can_rx_msg.
There is a FIXME note on this in can.c, line 188, but I couldn't find an implementation of it.

* ioctl functionality. can_bus_ioctl does not forward the commands and arguments to can_dev_ops->dev_ioctl.
Is there a reason for that? I propose a command enum that would provide consistency.

@Prashanth S (fishesprashanth at have you already worked on these points?

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Best regards
Carlo Brokering

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