Problem when in booting amd64 BSP

Siddharth Khattar skhattar111 at
Sun Mar 12 14:11:54 UTC 2023

Hello all, So recently I was trying to run the amd64 BSP of RTEMS in order
to be able to test on it for my GSoC 2023 project and was following the
guide on RTEMS User Manual 9.18, it took me a few days to follow all the
steps on it but after finally putting the hello.exe file (built for x86_64
& amd64) and copying it into /boot/kernel/kernel of the FreeBSD 11.2
virtual system, it crashed and now doesn't boot up at all. I tried doing
the same even on a FreeBSD 13 virtual machine but it had the same problem
and didn't end up booting for me. I also double-checked everything to make
sure I wasn't making a silly mistake or having a small problem. The
attached screenshot is from trying to boot it on the FreeBSD 13 virtual
machine. If somebody has some idea why this error is occurring, I would
really appreciate their help!
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