Flash Device API

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Mar 16 22:07:57 UTC 2023

On 16/3/2023 6:13 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello Aaron,
> this API seems to be RTEMS-specific. Maybe we should simply pick up an existing
> solution which is in more wide spread use, for example:
> https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/hardware/peripherals/flash.html

That interface seems Zepher specific and looks to me like a series of calls that
appear reasonable as a list to cover. The patch Aaron has posted is a driver. I
prefer a driver like we have for I2C, SPI etc because the of support it brings.

The initial set of ioctl commands is small to start with. If you feel we should
offer more I suggest they get added once this is merged.

Is the change OK?


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