Introduction and preparation for the "Add BSP for Polarfire based Beagle" Project

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Hi Purva,

On Thu, Apr 4, 2024 at 6:05 AM Purva Yeshi <purvayeshi550 at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am Purva Yeshi, I applied for the project "Add BSP for Polarfire based
> Beagle" for GSoC 2024. I proposed a project to create a BSP for the
> Beagle-V fire board from scratch. The primary objective of the project is
> to run a "Hello World" code and a ticker on the board. After that, I will
> focus on developing support for other devices such as Ethernet and U54 MMU.
> Great! Thanks for completing the proposal and submitting it on the portal.

> During this waiting period for acceptance, I want to familiarize myself
> with the codebase of existing supported components of other RISC-V BSP
> variants. As part of my preparation, I have already built an RTEMS
> development environment and successfully completed the RTEMS Hello World
> project on the Qemu spike simulator for the riscv/rv64imafdc BSP variant.
Since you already have a working RTEMS environment, it would be a great
idea to start looking at the source code organization of riscv bsps ( It would also be helpful to
find some smaller issues (maybe in the documentation) and try to send
patches for that. Submitting patches for smaller issues is a great idea to
become familiar with the code contribution process. The documentation for
riscv bsps can be found at

You can also utilize this time to read up on the Beagle-V fire
documentation and the prior FreeBSD efforts to support that board.

Could you please provide guidance on this. Additionally, is there any
> specific task or area you suggest I focus on during this period for the
> project?

Feel free to ask about anything you find interesting (or confusing) while
going through the source code and the documentation. Especially with the
documentation, if something confuses you it likely confuses other people
too, it can be a place to make a great contribution!

The mailing list is the best place to discuss longer questions, and the
discord channel is better for quick help from people who are signed in. The
discord channel has a subset of the RTEMS developers on it, the mailing
list has a wider audience.

Good luck with the GSoC application!

Best regards,


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