Introduction and preparation for the "Add BSP for Polarfire based Beagle" Project

Purva Yeshi purvayeshi550 at
Thu Apr 4 17:35:38 UTC 2024


I am Purva Yeshi, I applied for the project "Add BSP for Polarfire based
Beagle" for GSoC 2024. I proposed a project to create a BSP for the
Beagle-V fire board from scratch. The primary objective of the project is
to run a "Hello World" code and a ticker on the board. After that, I will
focus on developing support for other devices such as Ethernet and U54 MMU.

During this waiting period for acceptance, I want to familiarize myself
with the codebase of existing supported components of other RISC-V BSP
variants. As part of my preparation, I have already built an RTEMS
development environment and successfully completed the RTEMS Hello World
project on the Qemu spike simulator for the riscv/rv64imafdc BSP variant.

Could you please provide guidance on this. Additionally, is there any
specific task or area you suggest I focus on during this period for the
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