[PATCH] Fix the CPU count calculation error.

zhengxiaojun 17935334 at qq.com
Fri Apr 19 09:33:25 UTC 2024

在 2024/4/19 16:50, Sebastian Huber 写道:
> On 19.04.24 09:16, zhengxiaojun wrote:
>> I tested on arm64, the cpu_count do not increase when 
>> (redist->icrtyper & GIC_REDIST_ICRTYPER_LAST != 0),but it is the last 
>> core.
> The current code assumes that you have exactly one interrupt export 
> port. With which SoC are you working currently? One option could be to 
Rockchip RK3568,which has 4 cores arranged in 4 clusters.

> make the number of interrupt export ports configurable.

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