RTEMS 6 branching

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Apr 21 01:00:56 UTC 2024


There has been some discussion about when we will branch and it is timely we
discuss this. This is my input. :)

While I create the releases I am not solely responsible for milestone dates or
thresholds for a release.

Please test the RC snaphots on our ftp server. Saying you have is as important
as reporting issues.

1. Are all the things need for the release resolved? Tickets reviewed?

2. The tickets are now in GitLab and locked down in Trac so how does that work
if we make a release now? I do not think it does.

3. GitLab is going to happen soon so do we take this moment in time and make 6
with GitLab and learn what we need to do easing dot releases that always follow?
If we do not we may end up with 6.1 and then 6.2 that has differences.

4. GitLab breaks the release scripts for the release notes (ChangeLog). Amar and
I have discussed a few options but we are yet to test and settle on anything. As
is the case with these things easy is often is a series of small things that
take time to get right.

5. Have the docs been reviewed for RTEMS 5 vs RTEMS 6 changes? Are they updated
for a separated legacy network stack, net services and waf building?

6. I have a few small patches to push and then an update to the RSB to pick
those changes up before I can create RC4.


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