Ed Sutter edsutterjr at
Tue Jun 30 11:37:08 UTC 2015

Well it was a shot anyway...
Still this initialization needs to be in there regardless.
Feel free to change stuff in the code I have and create a new set of patches
or of you want me to just commit what I have, I can do that too.
Whatever works best for you...
Lemme know.
BTW... there's no proof yet that this code successfully does init the UART,
so keep that in mind.
> Ok, so it turned out that somehow during my attempt to apply the
> patch, it created the updated files based on the diff.  I cloned the
> newly updated uMon repositiory and then added the updated files based
> on the patch.
> After building uMon and installing the boot.bin on an uSD as  MLO with
> the appropriate headers, attempting to boot still results in the same
> situation as before.
> I will be taking a more closer look at the issue including the updated
> files from the diff.
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 7:29 PM, Jarielle Catbagan
> <jcatbagan93 at> wrote:
>> Hi Ed,
>> git could not apply the patch.  I tried "git am" and "git apply" and
>> they indicated that there were some errors.  If it's not much trouble
>> at all, could you resend it after a "git format-patch"?
>> On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 6:51 PM, Jarielle Catbagan
>> <jcatbagan93 at> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 6:25 PM, Ed Sutter <edsutterjr at> wrote:
>>>> Attached is a patch file with
>>>> the changes that I think properly init the UART.
>>>> Still struggling a bit with git...
>>>> I cloned a fresh version, then update files.
>>>> Then I *thought* I could run "git format-patch".
>>> When I used git format-patch to prepare the patches before submission,
>>> I had to specify the range of commits.
>>> So to create a patch of the previous commit, it would be "git
>>> format-patch HEAD~1".
>>> Or in a more general form "git format-patch HEAD~N" where N is the
>>> number of previous commits.  As a result, this will create patches for
>>> the N previous commits.
>>> I still have a lot to learn about git, so I know that there are
>>> numerous other options that can fine tune what and how the patches are
>>> created.
>>>> It did nothing.  :-(  Gotta go read more.
>>>> Meanwhile, this is just the output of git diff; hopefully
>>>> enough for you to apply them.
>>> Ok, I am applying the diff right now.
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