show off your applications. :)

Chris Johns cjohns at
Mon Aug 4 14:18:49 UTC 1997

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Over the years, we have heard of a number of very interesting applications
> using RTEMS.  It often seems we all work on applications in a vacuum and
> never get to show off a little. :)
> So -- if it does not violate some security or trade secret -- how about
> posting a little about your RTEMS applications.  If possible, include a
> WWW address so other RTEMS users on the list can see what you have done.

FDDI-2 VME card with integrated packet and real-time data (ie
voice/video). Uses SCSA bus for the real-time data on the VME backplane.
The hardware is suitable for military applications.

FDDI-2 ISA bus card with SCSA bus and MVIP bus. Suitable for multi-node
PC based PABX and call center (CTI) switches.

Both cards can perform switching and conferencing of 64k voice channels.
FDDI-2 has the same basic features as FDDI-1 such as dual redundant
rings, and station management, except you have a hybrid mode which
carries time critical data such as voice. You can have up to 1536 voice

(For SCSA bus see Dialogic, and for the MVIP bus see Natural

Being worked on is a 2Mbit G.703 Spread Spectrum radio.

Sorry no web pages !

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