Building RTEMS for an MC68F333

Robin Kirkham Robin.Kirkham at
Thu Aug 21 08:35:25 UTC 1997

Chris Johns wrote:
> Robin Kirkham wrote:
> > I'm trying to build an RTEMS BSP for an in-house MC68F333 module. The 68333
> > has a CPU32 core. I thought I'd start with the efi332 BSP and work from there.
> > 
> > During the compile it complains ... HOW DO I INSTALL THE INTERRUPT STACK!!!.
> > This warning comes from c/src/exec/score/cpu/m68k/cpu.c. The CPU32 indeed
> > has no separate interrupt stack.
> My understanding is the CPU32 is a kind of 020 with-out bit field instructions. I
> would therefore assume it has a VBR register (the 68340 has one). This warning is
> generate for 68000 processors only. I would check your configuration.

I am compiling using m68k-gcc -m68332. You're right about what the CPU32 is.

The CPU32 does have a VBR; the 68000 is about the only one that does not.
However, this problem does not relate to the VBR, but the existance or
otherwise of a separate stack pointer for interrupts. The issue is, does
RTEMS care?

> Is this CPU32 core the same one used on the 68360 (QUICC) and 68340 ?
> If it is then take a look at the configuration for the gen68360 BSP. It might be a
> better match.

As I understand things, it is the same CPU32 core as is found in the 68332,
340, 360, and others, unless Motorola are using CPU32 to mean "any slightly
683xx-ish thing".  I don't think they do that.

I'll have a look at the other BSPs tomorrow, but my reading of the CPU
feature stuff in m68k.h makes me think it won't solve the problem (if indeed
there is one).

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