Ethernet device driver

Gunter Magin magin at
Fri Sep 19 09:04:08 UTC 1997


we intend to port Eric Norum's RTEMS ethernet device driver for the QUICC
(68360) to a 68332 board using an external ethernet controller chip.
Candidates are the National SONIC, the AMD LANCE and maybe others. 

We are pretty free in the decision which chip to use, and a strong argument
is, if there is a RTEMS device driver already available in source.

Anybody knows of some pointers?  I am aware of the recently updated, pretty
good documentation on Eric's ftp site.

Joel: you gave some hints regarding full TCP/IP coverage in RTEMS4.0. Which
chips/HW platforms are already available for people with support contract?

Gunter Magin                                        magin[AT]

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