enqueue/dequeue in mbuf.c

erik.ivanenko erik.ivanenko at utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 29 18:57:56 UTC 1998

Just a quick question...

Should the enqueue/dequeue routines be protected by a _ISR_disable and
_ISR_enable pair?  I'm worried about this situation:

    task B at priority X ( or higher ) is waiting for an event
    task A is a preemptible task of priority X that uses the
enqueue/dequeue primitives of mbuf.c
    an interrupt fires
    task A yields control to the ISR
    the ISR issues the event to wake task B
    task B then becomes runnable, and is of higher or equal priority of
task A
    task B then runs, and uses enqueue/dequeue primitives

Is that possible?

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