FW: compiling egcs for rtems under cygwin32

Rosenow, Jim Jim.Rosenow at mts.com
Thu Apr 23 14:58:55 UTC 1998

You will probably running into trouble during the install-info phase of
egcs-1.0.2.  I did.  I edited the makefile to remove the info stuff,
only then would it build and install without intervention.

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> To:	Mike Davies; David Fiddes
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> Subject:	Re: FW: compiling egcs for rtems under cygwin32
> > I'm using 2.8.1, not 2.9
> I told you wrong this morning. Do not use and try 2.9
> Here is what I've just get from David Fiddes:
> Victoire!!!
> Geoffroy
> --- begin included message ---
> I guess so. I've been building a Win32 RTEMS compiler....actually
> binutils-2.9 builds OK...but only if you use binary mounts(my gcc-m68k
> install program killed them all and I didn't spot this :). I'm off to
> build
> the EGCS compiler now...what fun. [...]
> It's really easy...I think that binutils-2.9, egcs-1.0.2, newlib-1.8.0
> and
> all the RTEMS patches actually builds cleanly without stopping or
> manual
> intervention.... this is a world first! 
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