FW: compiling egcs for rtems under cygwin32

Mike Davies mikert at noco.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 18:01:02 UTC 1998

In message <000701bd6dcd$28230970$4216c389 at sandray.ma.hw.ac.uk>, David
Fiddes <D.J.Fiddes at hw.ac.uk> writes
>> Gloops! Which version of binutils are you using?
>> I didn't try binutils-2.9 yet but I was told it doesn't compile well
>> under NT.
>> I have to check this.
>> Maybe you could try binutils-, it's on my ftp server:
>Geoffroy is right.. binutils-2.9 builds OK under NT but it mashes up the
>EXEs when it installs things. The best way to build the compiler is to make
>sure binutils is running and that all the EXEs run OK, are in the path,

I'm using 2.8.1, not 2.9

>Go to your /gcc-i386-rtems/bin  directory after a "make all install" and do
>a "strip *.exe" to remove the debugging info from the EXEs...if you look at
>the sizes of the files many will be of a reasonable size..others will be
>suspiciously small(4k-ish). If you try running them....they won't as they're
>broken... You have to manually install the files from the build directory.
>When I tried this with an m68k compiler the following files were broken:
>m68k-rtem- ar, as, ld, nm, ranlib and strip. It's quite easy to find these
>in the build directory. You'll also need to copy them to the
>/gcc-i386-rtems/i386-rtems/bin directory as the EXE's in there are broken
>too...remember to make the file names match the old ones ;)

I'll look into this

>When you get the programs running add the bin directory to your path( before
>other cygwin programs to avoid any chance of the wrong program being run ).
>Then have a go at building EGCS again... it's unfortunate that first time
>you use binutils is after you've got so far into the compiler build
>(essentially the compiler is built and it's just being run of the first time
>to build it's own libraries...).


>> Does anyone know on the list if things for PPC has been changed since
>> 2.8.1 ?
>> (PPC is your target processor, isn't it?)
>Yes...a lot of things have changed with the PowerPC since binutils-2.8.1 but
>I think that Mike is targeting i386 :)
>Good luck...hope it works this time :)
Thanks a lot,


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