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Mon Nov 16 08:43:19 UTC 1998

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Norum <eric at skatter.USask.Ca> writes:

Eric> "Bill Knight" <ros at mitsi.com> wrote:
>> I've seen the posts which indicate RTEMS 4 is ready and waiting.
>> Any news as to what the holdup is?

Eric> This is getting to be a fairly common refrain.  Why have the folks  
Eric> at OAR gone into this weird `stealth mode' about announcing  
Eric> RTEMS-4.0.0?  First it was `November 1', then I got e-mail saying  
Eric> that it would be `Early in the week of November 9th', now we've heard  
Eric> nothing.

Eric> I'd be happy to offer our FTP site as a distribution mirror if  
Eric> there's some kind of problem with the OAR web/FTP site.

Eric> Come on OAR -- release *something*.
Eric> Erik Ivanenko and I have some network modifications that I'd like to  
Eric> have folded into the development tree, but I don't want to do so  
Eric> until 4.0.0 is out and available.

I second this. We have our first snapshot of remote debugger over TCP/IP
available but we will release once 4.0.0 is out.

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