hello world working - sort of

Simon Dismo simon at otso.se
Wed Nov 11 10:14:00 UTC 1998

Hi Brendan,
 Before you try any of your own applications you should do a 
sanity check on your BSP by:

1) Run the 'Hello World' sample to test the console driver.
2) Run the 'ticker' sample to test the clock driver.

In mpc8bug/ADS860 all external interrupts are disabled by default, 
try to set 'rms der extie 0' before 'go' to get your 
interrupts working properly. If the 'extie' bit in the
'der' (PowerPC Debug Enable Register) is not cleared then 
any external interrupt will trap back into the debugger.
The address that you get in the debugger when this happens 
is just whatever that gets interrupted by the exception.

The ADS boards have all external tranceivers controlled
via software. These tranceivers are default off when
the board starts. You must write some code to enable
the RS232 tranceiver on SMC1 before you start the console
driver. If you don't have code for this already you
could get something from me. I have a BSP that is not
fully completed for a ADS850 system, i.e. using the
same motherboard as you are. Hello world and ticker
works in my set-up though.

Best Regards
Simon Dismo

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> From: Brendan Simon <brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au>
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> Subject: hello world working - sort of
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> I got hello world working on the ADS860 board.  I put some led flashing
> code in a loop with a delay in the Init task and it worked perfectly.
> printf still doesn't appear to be working though ???
> I thought I would substitute the delay routine with a
> rtems_task_wake_after(100) call.  The task never wakes up.  I believe
> this is because RTEMS is not getting the tick interrupt.  I tried to put
> a breakpoint on Install_clock but the symbol doesn't appear in the elf
> output.  I obviously have to link in a library or configure the
> application to make it install basic timer functionality.  I tried
> putting #define CONFIGURE_TEST_NEEDS_CLOCK_DRIVER in before the #include
> <confdefs.h> statement.  This resulted in an External Interrupt
> exception at symbol "console_write".  This is strange that when I enable
> the timer interrupt that the exception should be referencing
> console_wirte (or am I misinterpreting something ?)
> Any ideas ??
> Brendan Simon.

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