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Wed Oct 14 12:55:38 UTC 1998

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Pollak Leon wrote:

> Hello all,
> 	I tried to build cross-gdb on my Cygwin32 machine for PPC. The build
> process failes on compiling file hw_sem.c in simulator which I patched by
> RTEMS patch file for gdb-4.17. After the patch new hw_sem.c referes to
> <sys/ipc.h> and <sys/sem.h> which are absolutly absent on my machine.
> 	I shall be thankful to you if you will tell me where they must come from?
> 	Best Regards
> Leon M.Pollak
> leonp at

The hardware device modules hw_sem and hw_shm allow access to UNIX shared
memory and UNIX semaphores (so you can lock the shared memory).  Together
these let an program running on psim (powerpc simulator) interact with
another process which can simulate a real device.  

These two device models are based on System V IPC.  So there are only two
choices - port them or disable them.  

They can be crudely disabled by removing them from the file
sim/ppc/  Ideally, the configure script would ignore them if
not on a host which supported them.

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