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Thu Oct 8 12:43:58 UTC 1998

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Pollak Leon wrote:

> 	Is here in RTEMS community somebody who has experiense of
> debugging RTEMS application with gdb via serial channel? 

4.0 contains serial gdb stubs for some BSPs including the following:

  - ods68302
  - efi68k
  - i386ex
  - pc386

Other folks in the community have used gdb + a BDM interface for the

As Jiri Gaisler points out, he used it with the SPARC simulator.  SIS is a
cycle accurate simulator for the ERC32 (V7 embedded sparc).

The psim (PPC) simulator is built into gdb and very functional.  It is
possible to get a lot done with it since it supports device models.

I am personally looking forward to Eric Valette's design proposal for a
network based debug interface. 

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