oarcorp.com domain transition

joel at oarcorp.com joel at oarcorp.com
Fri Oct 30 15:00:07 UTC 1998

Over the next few days, oarcorp.com will move to a new machine. 
oarcorp.com is currently virtually hosted at advicom.net.  We are moving
to a dedicated self-hosted setup.  After that appears to be stable, we
will announce 4.0 on the list. 

4.0 is cut and sitting on the new machine.  A detailed announcement with
real information will follow in a few days.  This code is NOT and will no
be placed on the current oarcorp.com. 

I mention the domain transition because there is currently are currently 
empty versions of all the RTEMS mailing lists on the new machine.  I have
accidently replied to the empty version of the list a handful of times
yesterday.  So I am going to resend some of my responses to the current
list at advicom.net.

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