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I accidently sent this to the new machine.

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On Sat, 31 Oct 1998, Brendan Simon wrote:

> When I compiler rtems I used "./bit powerpc" then "./bit_rtems
> powerpc".  As I understand it the latter command generates all
> appropriate BSPs.  When I compile a program does it automatically
> include one of these BSPs ?  If so, which one.

If you use the provided Makefile templates, then you set
RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH to point to the BSP you want.  See the hello_world

FYI ./bit_rtems CPU BSP will only build 1 BSP. :)

I have to build the m68k this way.  It takes too much disk space.

> I need/want to write a BSP for our board.  Is there a howto or example
> for doing this.  I need to specify where ROM and RAM live, what the ROM
> and RAM sizes are.  Are these appropriate for a BSP or is it more
> appropriate to put this in a linker script ?

Geoffroy Montel wrote an initial cut at a BSP howto.  I am in the process
of enhancing it.  

Information of this type is usually put in the linker script.

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