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Sun Sep 13 21:36:32 UTC 1998

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Steven Johnson wrote:

> Is this list still active?


> I havent received any mail from it since 21st of August, which seems
> exceptionaly quiet.

The developer's group is trying to nail down the 4.0 release.  Between
tidying up the pc386 BSP and replacing the KA9Q TCP/IP stack with a port
of the FreeBSD stack, the release plan got derailed.  Both the KA9Q and
the FreeBSD stacks were ported by Eric Norum.  The FreeBSD stack is much
higher performance and (even better) has clearer licensing.

The development team collectively felt uncomfortable about releasing 4.0
with the KA9Q stack in it knowing that it was to be replaced.  The first
snapshot with the BSD stack in it was made late last month and (I think)
the port of the stack is stable and nearly all transition issues dealt
with.  I think the wait is worth it.

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