BSPs for Motorola PowerPC MVME230x boards

Kraemer Peter.Kraemer at
Wed Aug 2 10:03:49 UTC 2000


we thought about to use a Motorola  MVME2301 PowerPC Board for our
application using RTEMS. We read in your support list that a BSP for the

MVME2307 is available. Our application is a front end board of a test
equipment for satellite On-Board computers.
My question is, is there a way to get either the source code of the BSP
the MVME2307 board which is then hopefully changed by us running on a
MVME2301, or what is the expenditure on your side offering a complete
MVME2301 BSP ?
In the past we were using the pSOS+ operating system running on the
serie, so it would be nice to get a RTEMS BSP with the same or
similar features.
Our develeope environement is a PC with Windows NT.
Is it possible to generate a RTEMS BOOT ROM for the MVME2301 to load the

application software via Ethernet from the developement PC to the MVME
target, to start it and to debug it ? (like the pROBE debugger of pSOS

Peter Kraemer

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