BSPs for Motorola PowerPC MVME230x boards

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Aug 2 12:28:39 UTC 2000

The BSP named "motorola_shared" is the common source
for nearly all Motorola VME and CompactPCI boards.
The MVME2301 - MVME2304 are 603e based and vary in
the amount of memory.  The MVME2305 - MVME2308 are
604 based and also vary in the amount of memory.

Look at the source in c/src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/motorola_shared
and the configuration files make/custom/mvme2307.cfg and
make/custom/mcp750.cfg for boards based on motorola_shared.
There are some READMEs in the motorola_shared directory
which give useful information on how the bsp is adapted
to the various boards.

Kraemer wrote:
> Hallo
> we thought about to use a Motorola  MVME2301 PowerPC Board for our
> application using RTEMS. We read in your support list that a BSP for the
> MVME2307 is available. Our application is a front end board of a test
> equipment for satellite On-Board computers.
> My question is, is there a way to get either the source code of the BSP
> for
> the MVME2307 board which is then hopefully changed by us running on a
> MVME2301, or what is the expenditure on your side offering a complete
> MVME2301 BSP ?

It should work or be minor tweaks.  There is a recent patch to
the start code for one of the 603e based boards.

> In the past we were using the pSOS+ operating system running on the
> MVME230x
> serie, so it would be nice to get a RTEMS BSP with the same or
> similar features.

The BSP supports all the basic functions on the board including

> Our develeope environement is a PC with Windows NT.

OK.  Prebuilt binaries are available for Cygwin on NT.

> Is it possible to generate a RTEMS BOOT ROM for the MVME2301 to load the
> application software via Ethernet from the developement PC to the MVME
> target, to start it and to debug it ? (like the pROBE debugger of pSOS
> System)

You can use the Bug's standard features to do this.

gdb has remote debugging support for the ROM monitor on this board
and there is remote task aware debugging via Ethernet as well.
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