Undefined reference to rtems_bsdnet_config

OUTWATER vac4050 at cae597.rsc.raytheon.com
Wed Aug 2 21:23:48 UTC 2000

Hoang -

After I posted the stuff about tcl8.4a, I noticed that on www.scriptics.com 
(TCL's home) that 8.4a is a developer's version.

I decided to stick to version 8.3 instead.  It's listed as stable, which seems 
like a good thing as far as porting is concerned.

Also, I just uploaded rtems-tcl-8.3.tgz to OAR's ftp site.  This package 
includes a makefile that builds the stripped and debug TCL libs for RTEMS.

I also uploaded tclsh.tgz  which is patterened after the RTEMS demos. It's a 
work in progress, but it compiles.  The README has a list of TO-DOs.  It doesn't 
work for me yet (I get an illegall address exception), but it might work for 

These packages are in Joel's hands now.  I uploaded them in the hope that 
someone can take them and get them running.  Unfortunately, I don't really have 
the time (and I'm definitely not an RTEMS expert).


> I ran into a problem linking tcl8.4 lib with rtems. The error messages is 
> "
> /opt/rtems/bin/powerpc-rtems-gcc --pipe -B/opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/ -specs
> bsp_spe
> cs -qrtems -g -Wall -ansi -fasm  -O4 -mmultiple -mstring -mstrict-align
> -mc
> pu=750    -Dmain=rlchk   -L /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib    -o o-optimize/rlchk
> o-opt
> imize/init.o o-optimize/tclAppInit.o   /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/no-dpmem.rel
> /opt/
> rtems//mcp750/lib/no-mp.rel /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/no-part.rel
> /opt/rtems//mcp75
> 0/lib/no-signal.rel /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/no-timer.rel
> /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/n
> o-rtmon.rel -ltcl8.4 -lm -lnetworking -lrtemsall -lnetchip    
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: region CODE is full (o-optimize/rlchk
> section .
> rodata)
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .data [00003000 -> 0000bc0b]
> overlaps s
> ection .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .got2 [0000bc0c -> 0000bc83]
> overlaps s
> ection .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .fixup [0000bc84 -> 0000bc8b]
> overlaps 
> section .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .got [0000bc8c -> 0000bc9b]
> overlaps se
> ction .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .sdata [0000bca0 -> 0000c4df]
> overlaps 
> section .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/libnetworking.a(rtems_glue.o): In function
> `rtems_bsdnet_
> initialize':
> /home/hngo/rtos/rtems/tools/build-powerpc-rtems/powerpc-rtems/c/mcp750/libne
> twor
> king/rtems/../../../../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta3a/c/src/libnetworking/rtems/rt
> ems_
> glue.c:207: undefined reference to `rtems_bsdnet_config'
> "
> I have tried adding various libs in the linking stage but none works. Any
> suggestions?
> TIA,
> Hoang

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