Undefined reference to rtems_bsdnet_config

Hoang Ngo hngo at caspiannetworks.com
Thu Aug 3 19:04:30 UTC 2000

Keith -

I got the latest tclsh.tgz from OARcorp and i am having
problems compiling the package for mcp750 platform. There
are a two undefines "RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_NAME" and 
"RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH". For these, i defined 
them as "#define RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_NAME "eth1"" and
"#define RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH "rtems_dec21140_driver_attach""
to get rid of the problem. The other problem i have is when you created 
a tar file and convert it to elf32-m68k. I changed the format to
but objcopy rejected it with a message 
"Output file cannot represent architecture UNKNOWN!".
A quick look at objcopy shows that it does indeed support elf32-powerpc. My 
assumption is that you want to convert from tar to elf is to include these
files in as part of the final image. Can you expand on this some more? Was
it to allow the Tcl interpreter to read these files? And what is the
that allows tcl to read these files?


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Hoang -

After I posted the stuff about tcl8.4a, I noticed that on www.scriptics.com 
(TCL's home) that 8.4a is a developer's version.

I decided to stick to version 8.3 instead.  It's listed as stable, which
like a good thing as far as porting is concerned.

Also, I just uploaded rtems-tcl-8.3.tgz to OAR's ftp site.  This package 
includes a makefile that builds the stripped and debug TCL libs for RTEMS.

I also uploaded tclsh.tgz  which is patterened after the RTEMS demos. It's a

work in progress, but it compiles.  The README has a list of TO-DOs.  It
work for me yet (I get an illegall address exception), but it might work for


These packages are in Joel's hands now.  I uploaded them in the hope that 
someone can take them and get them running.  Unfortunately, I don't really
the time (and I'm definitely not an RTEMS expert).


> I ran into a problem linking tcl8.4 lib with rtems. The error messages is 
> "
> /opt/rtems/bin/powerpc-rtems-gcc --pipe -B/opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/ -specs
> bsp_spe
> cs -qrtems -g -Wall -ansi -fasm  -O4 -mmultiple -mstring -mstrict-align
> -mc
> pu=750    -Dmain=rlchk   -L /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib    -o o-optimize/rlchk
> o-opt
> imize/init.o o-optimize/tclAppInit.o   /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/no-dpmem.rel
> /opt/
> rtems//mcp750/lib/no-mp.rel /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/no-part.rel
> /opt/rtems//mcp75
> 0/lib/no-signal.rel /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/no-timer.rel
> /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/n
> o-rtmon.rel -ltcl8.4 -lm -lnetworking -lrtemsall -lnetchip    
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: region CODE is full (o-optimize/rlchk
> section .
> rodata)
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .data [00003000 -> 0000bc0b]
> overlaps s
> ection .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .got2 [0000bc0c -> 0000bc83]
> overlaps s
> ection .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .fixup [0000bc84 -> 0000bc8b]
> overlaps 
> section .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .got [0000bc8c -> 0000bc9b]
> overlaps se
> ction .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .sdata [0000bca0 -> 0000c4df]
> overlaps 
> section .text [00003000 -> 000f603f]
> /opt/rtems//mcp750/lib/libnetworking.a(rtems_glue.o): In function
> `rtems_bsdnet_
> initialize':
> twor
> ems_
> glue.c:207: undefined reference to `rtems_bsdnet_config'
> "
> I have tried adding various libs in the linking stage but none works. Any
> suggestions?
> TIA,
> Hoang

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