Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Aug 3 21:38:08 UTC 2000

Rosimildo da Silva wrote:
> I might need to do some work with a PPP connection to
> Windows machines initially, and later linux.
> I would appreacite if somebody ( Eric !!! ), could tell
> me the state of the PPP stack under RTEMS.
>  + Is it being tested with Windows NT ?
>  + Where should I start ?

I can't answer the NT question but I can say that
although it has been made to work by others, its 
configuration and intialization are not where
they should be.  It is a port of off-the-shelf
PPP code so the core PPP code itself should be OK.

I think there is a dialer and example modem driver.
Ideally, it would be layered so you could use
standard termios drivers.

Basically, it is there and could stand some use
and improvement on integration.

> Thanks.
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