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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Aug 10 21:01:42 UTC 2000

> I know I am going to regret this reply, because  a day has only 25 hours,
> but I'd like to help. Joel, I'll be open for whatever you have in mind for
> me
> to do.

let me throw out my gameplan on the table:

  1.  tools for Linux host first (RPMs)
  2.  let me stub out a BSP and score/cpu directory.
  3.  Fill gaps in both from Damjan's code base.  He
      should have crt0.?, basic hardware init, 
      clock tick setup, polled serial IO code, 
      context switch management, linker scripts, 
      simulator execution scripts, etc.

Ignoring score/cpu, this is pretty much the same way I hacked
together the ARM, H8, and sim68000 BSPs in very little time.

Damjan.. what is the proper target name for the tools?  We
use CPU-rtems.   And does the simulator have a name?

I can make sure the next RTEMS snapshot has
stubs to start the port from that way.
> Rosimildo.

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