Interesting RTEMS Project

Rosimildo daSilva rdasilva at
Thu Aug 10 20:34:38 UTC 2000

From: Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at>
To: Damjan Lampret <lampret at>; rtems-users at
<rtems-users at>
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2000 2:44 PM
Subject: Interesting RTEMS Project

>OpenCores ( has announced that they are
>about ready to get first silicon on a CPU.  This is the
>hardware equivalent of open source software!!!
>I would love to see RTEMS be ported before the silicon
>gets back and I think it is VERY doable.  Here is a
>fragment from Damjan Lampret's announcement that describes the CPU:
>"I am happy to announce OpenCores will be doing its first silicon
>(TSMC 0.25u, 5LM) using its current open source cores. Current idea
>is to put together three 32-bit RISC cores (OR1320 + 2x OR1601),
>SDRAM & master PCI controller, 2x Ethernet MAC, 2x serial UART,
>RTC & WDT. Something similar like Intel's IXP1200 network processors.
>First operating system for the chip will probably be Linux (also eCos
>and RTEMS will be ported)."
>There are ports of the GNU tools to this CPU and a simulator.  There
>is plenty of example source that can be repackaged/reassembled to
>form an RTEMS port and BSP.  Initially all one would want to do
>is a port and simple BSP using the simulator.  The simulator has
>support for a 16450 UART and a simple clock tick interrupt.
>What we need is some volunteers to get things going.  I can help
>kick start the effort (tools, building score/cpu, etc) but we need
>others to actually do the port.
>Any takers?

I know I am going to regret this reply, because  a day has only 25 hours,
but I'd like to help. Joel, I'll be open for whatever you have in mind for
to do.


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