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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Aug 14 13:05:34 UTC 2000

Ronny Kistner wrote:
> Hi,
> after generating the NETDEMO with the pc386 BSP and booting my system
> using GRUB I got the following error messages:
>  Can't create initial socket: too many open files in system
>  No routes!
>  RTEMS: Can't create initial socket: too many open files in system
>  RTEMS: fatal error, exiting
>  Executive shutdown
> Before I generated the Hello and the Ticker samples and they worked fine.
> I've got a NE2000 compatible network card (ISA bus) and included the
> ne-driver, the base address and interrupt.
> Does anyone have an idea what goes wrong.

The default configuration settings changed for apps that did not specify
them.  This happened fairly recently.  The two critical settings in this
case are that the default number of file descriptors was lowered to 3.

Add this line somewhere above the include of "confdefs.h" in init.c.


Please report back.

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