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Rosimildo da Silva rdasilva at connecttel.com
Mon Aug 14 23:20:33 UTC 2000

Damjan Lampret wrote:
> Needs some fixing, yes.
> >    + libreadline library not found. Under CygWin readline.a is
> >      not installed.
> >      Compiled with the version that came with insight 5.0.
> >      Simulator compiled and linked OK. It seems to reach
> >      some error when executing 'testbench/dhry.or32'.
> >
> Looks like something is wrong with COFF routines (I wrote them in a hurry,
> really ugly). Anyway try to load "assembly" files. Like
> testbench/dhry.or32.s. Also you can try to load testbench/uos/uos.or32
> (but this one is also coff).

Ok. I'll try this later.

> > 2. Binutils
> >
> >    + Do we have elf support ? It seems to support coff only now.
> >
> Coff only so far. Is coff enough for a start?

Yes, I believe so. The problem is that most of the toolchains are
ELF based. You would need ELF for complete C++ support.
As long as we do not spend too much time with these COFF
tools, it'll be ok.

> >   + error during compilation:
> >
> This one was already fixed but the patch got lost somewhere. I'll do it
> again.

Let me know if you find that patch. :-)

Anyway, I am waiting for Joel to get something going 
for Linux first, then I will take the sources from there
to generate the tools for CygWin. Unless, I hear that
he is genrerating the toolset for CygWin as well. :-)

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