Shells? (was Re: File Systems?)

Chris Johns cjohns at
Tue Aug 22 12:36:08 UTC 2000

Antti P Miettinen wrote:
> Chris Johns <cjohns at> writes:
> > I have ported a number of FreeBSD bin commands such as cd, mkdir, rm,
> > cat, ls which I feel would be of use to anyone undertaking filesystem
> > work. These are not completely integrated into RTEMS source tree yet but
> > I hope to get onto this sometime soon.
> Are these part of some kind of CLI/shell? 

They use a change to the monitor code I have made. The change to the
monitor is to allow a new command to be registered at runtime.

The commands I have ported from BSD are run as functions on the monitor
task not separate tasks.

Look for :

 int rtems_monitor_insert_cmd(rtems_monitor_command_entry_t *);
 int rtems_monitor_erase_cmd(rtems_monitor_command_entry_t *);

in monitor.h in the lastest snapshots.

> The OAR web pages list a
> command line interpreter as an ongoing add-on project but there's no
> further info about it. Can anyone provide more info about this? 

I did not know this had been listed on the web site.

> Or
> suggest some nice small portable shell suitable for adapting to RTEMS?
> I'd like something that I could extend with by own commands.

In time the monitor can be transformed into more of a shell, say
`eshell'. It would be nice to have the commands linked to the
filesystem. This provide a structure to commands which is currently not
present and missing. You add a few commands, type help and swamped with
a long list. 

 Chris Johns, mailto:cjohns at mailto:ccj at

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