Shells? (was Re: File Systems?)

Antti P Miettinen antti.p.miettinen at
Wed Aug 9 22:38:48 UTC 2000

Chris Johns <cjohns at> writes:
> I have ported a number of FreeBSD bin commands such as cd, mkdir, rm,
> cat, ls which I feel would be of use to anyone undertaking filesystem
> work. These are not completely integrated into RTEMS source tree yet but
> I hope to get onto this sometime soon.

Are these part of some kind of CLI/shell? The OAR web pages list a
command line interpreter as an ongoing add-on project but there's no
further info about it. Can anyone provide more info about this? Or
suggest some nice small portable shell suitable for adapting to RTEMS?
I'd like something that I could extend with by own commands.

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