Antwort: Re: Baking a i386-rtems image

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Aug 24 12:17:27 UTC 2000

Martin_Doering at wrote:
> >configure: error: ***
> >    Attempt to build inside of the source tree
> >    Please use a separate build directory, instead
> >Isn't this explicit enough?
> No (maybe I'm a special case ;-) ) - because I thought the c directory
> would be meant by the "source tree". So I startet to go in the subdirs to
> configure it all seperately... There is a directory called build in the
> distribution. So it's not so far away to think, that this is meant.  :-(

Every set of eyes brings a new perspective.  Feel free to make very
explicit comments/suggestions.  Tell me where you looked for the
and did not find it.  Even better send patches. :)

> So you see: This all is really new to me - sorry. Yesterday evening I
> browsed through the mailinglist archive and found many things bringing me
> further - especially setting "CC=gcc ./configure ..." and additionally
> there is a patch, 

CC=gcc is usually a Cygwin issue.

> if I make all targets the make process fails (as told in
> the archive - some typo...). Maybe it's getting better if I just use one
> target, as I wanted at first.

I have wondered if this behavior needs to be changed. No one can
really mean to do this. :)
> I will try to write a small basic readme especially covering the problems
> I had, if I'm done. You are right: The documentation is very explicite,
> but I just wanted to know a few things. I'm mostly familiar with building
> software packages.

RTEMS is just another software package.  It is just one that is cross
compiled.  That brings a new level of complexity and hence opportunities
for confusion/mistakes.

> Thanks for your help. I will try it with your commandline.
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