Problems Installing binutils

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Fri Aug 25 09:58:30 UTC 2000

Stefaan Verschuere wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to install the GNU cross development environment for RTEMS on winNT.
> I've downloaded the 'Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users' manual.
> I followed the instructions in chapter 9 but I ran into following problems:
> 1) when I use the dos2unix commmand on ChangeLog I get:
>         C:\rtems\tools\BINUTI~1.24\bfd>dos2unix changelog
>         Dos2Unix: Can't stat 'changelog'
>      Does this mean anything or should I just ignore it?
I would guess on case-sensitivity or using a filesystem not being

> 2) I then continue with the configure command (using i386-go32 as target).

What is your host OS? Are you running go32/DOS on WinNT? This would
explain 1) above. 
Besides this, go32 as host OS is not supported by RTEMS. 

However, your question actually refers to binutils and is
independent from RTEMS :-

I don't know if binutils can be build under go32. There may be other
mailing lists which can help you more. 

> Is there anyone who could help me on this?
If you want to work with RTEMS on WinNT, you might consider using
Cygwin instead of go32.


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