FS: problems and patches

Dmitry Kargapolov dk at gentex.ru
Fri Dec 1 02:47:26 UTC 2000

Friday, December 01, 2000, 12:36:30 AM, OUTWATER ~ KEITH J /5G3110 wrote:

O~KJ5> Dmitry - 

O~KJ5> You mentioned a JFFS port to RTEMS.  Can you provide any details?
O~KJ5>         1. How are you interfacing to the flash memory hardware?  MTD?
O~KJ5>         2. Will you be releasing the port?
O~KJ5>         3. If (#2), when do you expect to be completed?

O~KJ5> Keith
1. Yes, I use MTD on DiskOnChip flash.
2. Yes.
3. I don't know :)
At the moment I implemented JFFS
  1) without any links,
  2) without ability of mounting other FS on it
  3) without special files (device nodes)
  4) only DOC2000 device (Millenium soon)
now I'm testing it and making some real program using jffs.

If somebody is interested in the current stage,
I can submit sources, after preparing them for latest snapshot.

Dmitry Kargapolov        void at dr.com

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