IMFS: yet another trouble.

Rosimildo da Silva rdasilva at
Fri Dec 1 14:14:40 UTC 2000

Hi all,

Once we are talking about file systems, I am wondering if a simple 
low level interface to emulate a remote FS stored in a file exist. 
I know about NFS, but that is too complicated and large for embedded 

The idea is define a low level API that is equivalent to the one of a
flash, i.e 
( read, write, erase, capacity ). 

The idea is to have the "real" device emulated as a file in a remote
with a hard driver or any other non-volatile device, and have the image
there, and remote devices that need some persistency, would talk to this
server using TCP/IP sockets.

On top of this API, you would plug logical file systems such as IMFS.

The api:

struct device_descriptor
   int 	   sock_handle;
   size_t  capacity;



  int llfs_connect( const char *remote_host, device_descriptor *dd );

  int llfs_write( char *buffer, size_t size, size_t offset );
  int llfs_read( char *buffer, size_t size, size_t offset );
  int llfs_erase( char *buffer, size_t size, size_t offset );

  int llfs_close( device_descriptor *dd );

On the host side, a utility to add, remove, view, and delete files
into the binary image would need to be developed.

Does such a beast exist ?

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