Quick Help with File Resource limits on snapshot build

bob bobwis at ascweb.co.uk
Thu Dec 7 16:37:01 UTC 2000

Apologies to all for my ignorance. I have just about ported the latest
snapshot to our 68360 BSP but now I get the following errors when RTEMS is
starting up after building any net application (such as the Beta 3 netdemo
example program):-

Can't bring scc1 up: Too many open files in system
Can't set default route: No such process
No routes!
Create socket.
RTEMS: Can't create socket: Too many open files in system
RTEMS: fatal error, exiting

I guess I need to allocate some file descriptor resources - I have just
downloaded the IMFS manual but not read it yet (that's homework for
Any quick help much appreciated :)
Bob Wisdom

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