Make Problem with FS flash

Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail) fernando.ruiz at
Mon Dec 11 09:22:43 UTC 2000

Hi rtems members,

  I try build a FS flash file system.
  The flash driver works ok with a sector erase cache memory.
  It is not a harddisk but it works very well.

  To build a new fs I think that the rule is reply imfs directory.
  Rename all the files and the routines and
  build a new libfs.a adding the new fs created.

  after reply the 'imfs' directory into 'fmfs' (flash memory file system) in
libfs repository
  and change the in all the directories and run bootstrap in
every directory in the libfs tree

  my problem is the wrapup ''

  after rebuild rtems with ./bit_rtems the make says that it can't find
rules for the fmfs

  Please, is it possible a bref example of for the wrapup

  Which is the recipe to add a new filesystem in the libfs repository?

  Thanks in advance.

  Is Tanembaum the father of theory for the imfs file system or a newest
theory is used?

  Do I need read a new theory for a unix filesystem?

  Linux uses a new ext2 filesystem. Not a Minix filesystem.

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