RTEMS and non RTEMS/GNU toolsets was Re: [RTEMS]So difficult to build tcp/ip stack

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Dec 11 01:54:26 UTC 2000

Jeffrey wrote:
> Hi Sir:
> Yes, I am trying to use ARM SDT2.50 to build the TCP/IP stack. The
> building of RTEMS kernel is OK.(Only remarked off "#include
> targopts.h"). But the building of TCP/IP stack meets many undefined
> typedef(dev_t,, size_t, time_t, caddr_t, ssize_t, pid_t, uid_t..) and a
> few unfound files(features.h..). If I would like to use the ARM SDT IDE
> tools, how could I find these typedef and those missed files ? Please
> help me( We have been using SDT for a while, better to using it again.),
> Thanks in advance.

You can not use that toolset to build RTEMS (without much special
handwaving :).  You would have to tell it to ignore all of its own
header files and libraries.  RTEMS POSIX/BSD support is a fine balance
between newlib and RTEMS itself.  If you do not have the proper toolset,
then you will have great difficulty building RTEMS.

As an aside, there are users who have built RTEMS in similar situations
with other non-RTEMS toolsets (both GNU and non-GNU).  There is a
amount of special "magic," that I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Anyone out there who has done it willing to explain/give hints?

> Jeffrey Wu

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