[RTEMS]RTEMS suitable only for control system?

Sturniolo Jose jsturnio at nec.com.ar
Fri Dec 1 23:31:17 UTC 2000

		I think that is a good RTOS for general use, including
We are using RTEMS for a "networked" device, acting as an small router
(between LAN/TCP/IP and 3 links PPP).
Before to use it, We performed a lot of tests in the network side:
- Congestion of packets, Pings from diferent machines with different packet
size during 3 days, etc.
All the test were okey.
I'm using IPFORWARDING, adding route entries, setting default router, etc.

However,I think that RTEMS has a lack for services, like TELNET, but We
replace it with a pseudo-telnet (bahh..., a echo server really).

I think that the better way to get your answer, is to download and to test
it personally, testing your desired items.


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Hi all:

Some one said that RTEMS is better suitable for control system not for
network product. Its design for network part is not fully supported and
tested. Is that correct ? Thanks in advance.


Jeffrey Wu

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