[RTEMS]RTEMS suitable only for control system?

Nick.SIMON at syntegra.bt.co.uk Nick.SIMON at syntegra.bt.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 07:01:07 UTC 2000

RTEMS is certainly suitable for network applications - we are using it for
part of a telephony system, where the only connection to the rest of the
system is via two ethernet ports.  We have no problem with the networking

I suppose that for something as totally network-oriented as a router,
certain aspects of the BSD stack port *might* be limiting (e.g. the fact
that all mbufs have to be created at startup), but this is not inherent to
RTEMS.  I'm sure the community would be grateful for any improvements you
made :)

-- Nick Simon 

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> Hi Sir:
> Thank you for your respone. It's not a criticism, it's a question. I
> just want to know again -" have any commercial routers(or network
> products) used RTEMS as its RTOS" ? Please give me a clear 
> answer. Thanks
> again.
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey Wu


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