How many protocol stacks are free above RTEMS ?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Dec 7 20:41:46 UTC 2000

Jeffrey wrote:
> Hi Sir:
> We are very concerned about the networking ability of RTEMS. Could you
> please tell me how many protocol stacks(ftp client, telnet client, ftp
> daemon, dhcp client, snmp agent, web server, rip2, ospf, nat, ping,  ...?)

Oh.. you mean services .. not stacks.  I read that to mean like
Netware or Appletalk support. I will take a shot at this one. :)

> ftp client, 
   + TFTP read client (Eric Norum has said he is close to write
   + no FTP client AFAIK

> telnet client
   + some people have setup custom telnet servers but no clients AFAIK.
> ftp daemon, 
  Yes.  See libnetworking/rtems_servers.

> dhcp client, 
  Yes.  There has been some discussion of bootp versus pure dhcp and
  a post recently on the mail list.

> snmp agent, 
  Yes.  A port of ucsd-snmp is in contrib.
> web server, 
  Yes.  GoAhead in libnetworking/rtems_webserver

> rip2, ospf, nat, 
  These I do not know about.  Help!!!

> ping,  ...?
  RTEMS replies to pings.

> are implemented above RTEMS. Are they all free or any parts need licence ?
  THe ones I answered yes on are either in RTEMS source already and
  there is no license or in contrib and need no license. 

  The GoAhead webserver has a unique license you might want to look at.

> And how could we get more documentation about poting these protocols.

  Multiple people have ported various pieces.  It tends to be a fairly
  straightforward task these days to move BSD code to RTEMS if you
  follow the pattern the existing network code does.  If you port
  an add-on package like ucsd-snmp, then it is simply application code
  and ports based on its porting layer.

  I believe the networking guide explains the architecture of the
  stack port.  

> Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey Wu

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