[RTEMS]So difficult to build tcp/ip stack

Jeffrey jeffrey at antek.com.tw
Mon Dec 11 01:38:50 UTC 2000

Hi Sir:

Yes, I am trying to use ARM SDT2.50 to build the TCP/IP stack. The
building of RTEMS kernel is OK.(Only remarked off "#include
targopts.h"). But the building of TCP/IP stack meets many undefined
typedef(dev_t,, size_t, time_t, caddr_t, ssize_t, pid_t, uid_t..) and a
few unfound files(features.h..). If I would like to use the ARM SDT IDE
tools, how could I find these typedef and those missed files ? Please
help me( We have been using SDT for a while, better to using it again.),
Thanks in advance.

Jeffrey Wu

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