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> I am trying to reduce the duplication between sh7032 and sh7045 in the
> libcpu code.  In particular, I believe it should be possible to have
> a single copy of the context switch and interrupt dispatching code.
> But I have run into a routine that I can't figure out how portable
> it really is .. so how portable is the routine
> sh_set_irq_priority()?
> I am leaning toward creating "shared", "sh1", and "sh2"
> subdirectories.
> I would also think that the /dev/null driver could be moved to a
> non-SH directory.
> Comments, suggestions?
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Hi, Joel.

I am Fernando.

/dev/null is for a simulated link to console because the hard links are not
when Ralf(?) writed it. (I suppose)
/dev/null is better to place it with /dev/stub in (?).

I have a termios driver terminal for sh console.
I have two ports /dev/sci0 and /dev/sci1 and a HARD LINK /dev/console into
The sci drivers works with interrupts very well.
Perhaps the moment to update it?
Have you hardware to probe it the changes?
I can probe it into sh7032.
Are you interested in updates?

Happy new year at all rtems-users

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