Erwin Rol erwin at
Tue Feb 8 23:56:19 UTC 2000

Hello All,

here some files to give BOCH the posibility to emulate a GDB serial
copy the files (and overwrite originals) to the iodev dir of the bochs
and recompile it. 

Use the normal serial stubs in RTEMS on COM1.
set the environment variable BOCHS_GDB_PORT to a port number you want.
(if you leave it unset bochs will run normaly else it will wait for ever
for a connection from GDB)

run bochs.

start GDB
set the target to
target remote<same port as in BOCHS_GDB_PORT>

and BOCHS should continue and gdb should work nromaly as if realy
to the serial port of bochs.

at the moment linux(probably Unix) only.

use the bochs rc and zimage building i mailed earlier.
else boot from a grub floppy with yer own bochsrc

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